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    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grau Pool Billard Queue

    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grau Pool Billard Queue Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grau Pool Billard Queue

    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 Grau Pool Billard Queue

    Lucasi Hybrid LH40 grey pool cue with G5 grip

    • Uni-Loc™ quick-release joint system.
    • Silver and Black forearm with Lucasi Hybrid logo.
    • G5 grip technology.
    • X-Shox dampening system for more comfort
    • Maesteri 8-layer cue tip for maximum control and consistency
    • TSC construction for ultimate performance
    • Engraved stainless steel butt cap
    338,00 €
    Ref: QA.LUC.LH40
    Verfügbarkeit: 3-4 wochen

    Reward PointsKaufen Sie dieses Produkt und gewinnen Sie 28 Punkte K
    Lucasi Hybrid Technology

    Lucasi Hybrid Pool Cue Technology

    Want a competitive edge ?
    Lucasi knows how important your game is to you. So we have taken each part of the cue - from the tip to the butt - and then, through extensive testing, identified the best technologies that bring the highest performance to that part of the cue. These technologies bring you more accuracy, greater ball control, a more solid hit, less vibration, reduced deflection, a smoother storke, and an increased level of comfort.

    Cue Butt Technology
    Lucasi Hybrid's unique four-piece butt construction brings increase durability to your cue, reduces its vibration, and gives you a solid hit.

    G5 Grip Technology
    G5 Grip Technology boasts a distinctive collection of patterns that provides unprecedented traction and stability for increase cue ball control. This allows for a more stable shot, translating into controlled "English" on the ball.

    X-Shox Dampening System For More Comfort
    The X-Shox Dampening System features patent-pending shock absorbing memory foam integrated into the wrap. X-Shox significantly reduces impact shock by shielding the vibration by more than 27% compared to other cues on the market.

    Maesteri 8 Layer Tip for Maximum Control and Consistency
    Eight layers of the highest quality pigskin leather, each layer cut to a uniform thickness and is checked for hardness, then laminated together with a special vacuum sealing process that creates a tip with a uniform response that brings you maximum control and consistency.

    TSC for Ultimate Performance
    Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC) is a special 8-piece radial construction that extends the sweet spot throughout the entire cue shaft, transferring your energy into unmatched power and ultimate control.

    Zero Flexpoint for dead-on accuracy or Zero Flex Slim for and even greater performance
    Garantie Lebensgarantie (begrenzt)
    Queuesorte Pool Cue
    Griffband Synthetisch
    Queue design Naturalholz
    Gewinde Uni-Loc Quick-Release
    Oberteile form Pro
    Oberteile Länge Nein
    Klebeleder Durchmesser 12.75 mm
    Queueleder Maesteri
    Queue-Verlängerung Keine
    Gewindeschoner Nicht inbegriffen
    Keine Bewertungen gefunden