Karma Blau Dila Billard Queue

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Karma developed the first carom cues with integrated grip with a sleek design and a great quality. Try the new K2-Grip handle inspired by golf clubs. The grip is confortable, extremely durable, and grips your hand with minimum pressure. You will appreciate the thin butt diameter that makes this model very comfortable. This cue is sold with 1 Karma shaft of your choice: 3 cushion or pool. You can also order an extra shaft and save 20€ when ordering it with your cue.

Kaufen und verdienen 37 Punkte K
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Karma Blau Dila Billard Queue
Karma Blau Dila Billard Queue

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369,00 €


    • Black forearm with blue inlays and white rings
    • K2 Hi-tack Polyurethane Grip
    • Mini-Radial Light Aluminum Joint System
    • Everest Laminated Cue Tip by Tiger
    • XTC Ferrule • Soft black velvet 1x2 Karma cue case
    • Compatible with the Karma extension

    SLIM and CONIC Series games shafts descriptions :
    SLIM Karma shaft: An exceptional result on massé and rétro shots, but gives more vibration on powerful shots. This shaft is not recommended for the one cushion game, but will delight fans of short series.
    CONIC Karma Shaft : Standard conic taper that will give you a balanced result on short series than bank shots. Owners of Adam, Buffalo, or Longoni carom cues will feel at home with this shaft.

    The weight of the cue can vary depending on the woods used. We will do our best to get to your preferred weight range.

    Kaufen und verdienen 37 Punkte K
    Mehr Informationen
    Hersteller Karma
    Garantie Lebensgarantie (begrenzt)
    Queuesorte Dreiband / Libre
    Griffband Synthetisch
    Queue design Einlagen
    Gewinde Uni-Loc Mini-Radial
    Oberteile form Custom
    Klebeleder Durchmesser 11mm / 12mm / 12.75mm
    Queueleder Everest
    Queue-Verlängerung Kompatibel mit Karma Verlängerung
    Gewindeschoner Nicht inbegriffen
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