Buffalo Century 3 Karambol Billard Queue

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The forearm and butt sleeve of the Buffalo Century 3 carom billiard cue contain a number of triangular and rectangular masked cut-outs, which reveal the natural maple below. These cut-outs also contain black and white floating points, with silver, black and white decal rings. The handle is made of Rosewood. This cue features the Buffalo interchangeable wood joint system, which gives you a soft hit. For cadre / libre: 500 grams = 12mm tip.

Kaufen und verdienen 18 Punkte K

• Great Value for Your Money
• Sold with 1 Buffallo Pro Shaft
• Buffalo Single Wood Joint System
• Adjustable Weight
• Quality Controlled

Kaufen und verdienen 18 Punkte K
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Garantie2 Jahre
QueuesorteDreiband / Libre
GriffbandOhne griffband
Queue designOverlays
Oberteile formCustom
Oberteile Länge68.5 cm
Klebeleder Durchmesser11 / 12 mm
GewindeschonerNicht inbegriffen
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