Chevillotte - BILLIARDS

Chevillotte is leading manufacturer of professional quality French, American and Russian billiards tables. At the service of your leisure time, our tables are also convertible into a desk or a dining table.

Since 1860, Chevillotte has raised the craft making of billiards tables to the status of an art, enhancing a sense of conviviality and pleasure derived from the game. Through the years, the company has built up a reputation not only for repairing old pool tables, but also for designing and manufacturing custom pool tables.

They accompany their clients on their projects with the “Chevillotte Entertainment Rooms”, a design and layout service that builds around your pool table to suit your needs.

Chevillotte also proposes a complete range of accessories and games: billiard cues, lamps, benches, table football and multi-game tables.

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