Billar a Tres Bandas - Deporte Fascinante (Spanisch)

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This billiard book for beginners and advanced represents a broad three-cushion billiards book. It covers all the basic posiiton techniques, and striking techniques are cover in a simple and clear manner. In the second part the player that already knows some advanced strategies will find some tips to avoid double touch of the balls, and calculation systems. A professional analysis of problem and special solutions will show the reader "the right way of thinking." This book is in Spanish.

Kaufen und verdienen 5 Punkte K

Finally, the third part of the book deals with the psychological aspects needed to give birth to a strong athlete.

Kaufen und verdienen 5 Punkte K
Mehr Informationen
Hersteller Litho-Verlag
Sport Dreiband
Autor Andreas Efler
Sprache Spanish
Pagen 360
Drucken Color + schwarz auf weiß
Format 21x29,7 cm
Redakteur Litho-Verlag
Jahr 2005
ISBN 978-3-9811713-1-0
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