Big Points in 3-Cushion - Andreas Efler

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Andreas Efler's new book shows 300 special solutions in 3-cushion, divided and categorized in different sections. The author explains his shot techniques with simple symbols to help you understand easily. The book is written in both English and German languages.

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The author Andreas Efler is an international top player, winner of a UMB World Cup tournament, vice European champion and multiple Austrian champion. In his book ‚Faszination Dreiband - Billard‘, published in 2004 in German and Spanish, he provides a basic guide to this elegant and amazing sport which enables beginners to enter the fascinating world of three-cushion billiards. His second book ‚Big Points‘ represents a collection of the most interesting, creative and partly also craziest solutions for problematic positions in this discipline. In more than 300 figures the patterns are described in great detail and thus allow the ambitious three-cushion player to practice solutions of international top players. The new book of Andreas Efler shows 300 special Solution in three cushion divides and categorized in different columns. The author explains the shot techniques with a special developed symbolic written in English and German language.

Kaufen und verdienen 4 Punkte K
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AutorAndreas Efler
SpracheEnglish, German
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