Aramith Pro-Cup 61,5 mm Karambol 4 Bälle

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After their first appearance in France during the world tournament in Pau in 2003, Pro-Cup balls quickly became the reference in 3 cushion competitions. The big red dots emphasize the effects on the cue ball. Many appreciate their spectacular depiction and their educational interest. A "must-have" for the players now avalaible for 4 balls players !

Kaufen und verdienen 15 Punkte K

Extra long life

Properly used and maintained with the Aramith® ball cleaner, the Aramith balls will last at least five times longer than any other balls. (UP TO 40 YEARS in case of home use)
Very strong & scratch resistant

Withstands over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than other balls.
Less white marks on your cloth

Resists at the friction temperature of 482°F/ 250°C when the ball slips into motion! + No flat spots on the ball!
Optimal rebound

The unique elasticity of the phenolic resin is calibrated for optimal rebound which allows a perfect control of every shot.
The ultimate in balance

The perfect homogeneity of the material in plain balls as well as in numbered balls guarantees perfectly true and accurate roll.
Worldwide endorsement

Professional players and federations worldwide have exclusively selected the Aramith® balls.
Kaufen und verdienen 15 Punkte K
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