Adam X2 ACSS Dreiband Oberteil 68.5 cm / 12 mm

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The Adam ACSS (Adam Center-core Super Shaft) shaft is very light and stiff because it uses special materials inside the core of the shaft toreduce deflection and enhance the feel. There is a hole in the shaft that is bored from top to bottom, after which confidential components are injected to line the inside of the shaft. This gives you exceptional control.

Kaufen und verdienen29 Punkte K

Adam ACSS 3-Cushion X2 Double Jointed Shaft :
• Creates more Spin or English
• Reduces Vibrations
• ACSS Low Deflection Shaft
• Adam Patented X2 Joint System
• Tip diameter: 12 mm
• Length: 68.5 cm
• Moori tip
• Cerocite ferrule
• Approximate weight 120 gr

Kaufen und verdienen29 Punkte K
Mehr Informationen
Hersteller Adam
Garantie 2 Jahre
Queuesorte Oberteile
Gewinde Adam Double Joint
Queueleder Moori
Oberteile form Custom
Oberteile Länge 68.5 cm
Klebeleder Durchmesser 12 mm
Shaft Material Laminated wood
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